I make art that’s a reflection of the world I see. It’s playfull on the surface, but there’s a darkness underneath, a layer that reveals the true nature of things.

My work is a constant experiment, a search for meaning in a chaotic world. Nature is my greatest inspiration, the source of all that’s beautiful and raw. The skies, the oceans, the mountains, they all tell a story that’s both simple and complex. And I try to capture that story in my art, to give voice to the silence, to express the inexpressible.

My art is not a simple escape from reality, but a way of facing it. It’s a challenge to the status quo, a statement that says we can be more than what we are. And in this world of lies and illusions, I hope my art will make a difference, that it will make people see the beauty in the darkness, the light in the shadows.

So I keep on experimenting, I keep on pushing the boundaries, I keep on creating. And if you look at my work, you’ll see a part of yourself, a part of the world, a part of the infinite. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll feel something that you’ve never felt before.

Reinier van Duijn